Don't Spend Those Old Coins!

A Guide to Identifying Old Coins

Silver Dollars

Jim’s Fine Coins, Fossils and Minerals has been dealing in rare and collectible coins for over 25 years and has a large selection to choose from in their Downers Grove store.

From Classic to Modern, Coins, Currency, Bullion and Exonumia, Jim's Fine Coins carries the items that are sought after by collectors. Whether you're looking for that rare key date coin, or just a common issue to fill that last hole in your album, make Jim's Fine Coins the place to turn your "want list" into a "done list".

Gold & Silver Bullion Coins


Jim's Fine Coins carries a selection of modern Gold American Eagle (22KT) and Gold Buffalo (24KT) coins.

Whether you prefer modern gold coins in 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 or 1 ounce sizes, or classic gold coins in $2 1/2, $5, $10, or $20 denominations, Jim's Fine Coins has something that's perfect for you.

Silver American Eagle 1 ounce coins are always a favorite and highly collected. They make a popular gift for newborn babies and children of all ages as single coins, but are also available in rolls of 20 for those who wish to establish a reserve stock.

Our inventory of Silver Eagles includes a selection of dates in Uncirculated, Burnished and Proof finishes for those collectors who wish to assemble complete sets of these popular coins.

Canadian Maple Leafs (both gold and silver), Krugerrands, and other foreign bullion coins are also available upon request.

If generic silver is more to your liking, Jim's Fine Coins carries a selection of bars and rounds in 1, 5, and 10 ounces from name brand manufacturers, with 100 ounce bars available upon request.

Pre-1964 Coins

indian head coin

Classic collector coins are the heart and soul of Jim's Fine Coins. From Seated Liberty and Barber coins to Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Mercury Dimes, and Morgan Dollars, Jim's Fine Coins boasts a selection that will bring you back again and again.

Early proof sets and singles, type coins, Liberty Head and Buffalo Nickels, Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents are just a part of the selection that you'll find at Jim's Fine Coins.

And if you're looking for something unusual or particularly rare, we have a nationwide network of contacts within the coin business that will help you to find the rare coin that you want in the condition and price range you're looking for.

Modern Coins

bullion coin

Jim's Fine Coins carries a large selection of modern coin for collectors of all ages.

We have both current and recent years' United States Proof and Mint Sets, the latest Presidential Dollar and America The Beautiful Quarter Dollar issues, Statehood Quarter Dollars, Coin and Currency Sets, and other special issues.

At Jim's, we realize that clad coins have been a part of American coinage for 50 years now, and we feel that they are as worthwhile to collect as any classic coin series.

We're located at 2321 Ogden Ave. in Downers Grove, just west of Belmont and directly across the street from Bill Kay GMC.